Changan and Huawei with this alliance will create a new automotive ecosystem and will cooperate exhaustively in the research and development of new technologies oriented to the future. Among its technical research areas, it is planned to develop new automotive intelligence systems, the use of electricity as an energy source in all new models and to drive the maximum connectivity of the car with other devices.

Among its main development projects are: the level 4 autopilot, the 5G car network and the C-V2X, to offer users a more intelligent experience and promote the development of the automotive industry of the future. The construction of the intelligent electric vehicle platform will be a leader in China and first class internationally.

Changan Automobile launched its third innovation and entrepreneurship program, which initiated the transition from traditional products to new products with the use of smart energy. Developed three industrial groups such as: intelligent driving, intelligent network and three-dimensional transport, to further promote the development of automotive intelligence.

The “Shangri-La Partner Program” of Changan New Energy and “Beidou Tianshu Plan” was officially launched to promote the rapid development of new energy vehicles in China. We believe in the future, Changan Automobile will integrate better resources and accelerate the advancement of the world’s automotive industry.