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A model that promises a driving experience
improved and a much more dynamic and modern design.

Its exclusive, neo-leather interior design gives it a “sophisticated and comfortable” look with its 26 compartments that make the vehicle more practical.

Cruise control is especially useful for longer trips and will help you cope with the demanding road conditions.

The versatility of the CS35 is key, that is why the (second-row) seats are folding, with 60/40 separation and forward / backward functionality, which allows to increase the space of the trunk.


It has DVVT, an electronic control in the opening and closing times of valves to improve performance and reduce fuel consumption and emission levels.

Level of emissions


The New CS35, comes equipped with a multimedia equipment, camera of recoil (reverse camera), leather seats and electric sunroof.

The transmission is available in mechanical version 5 speeds and automatic 4 speeds.
Its braking distance is 43.41m at full load, its new generation efficient Bluecore engine, with power, clean and serene, result in a high-quality standard of the CS35.

The multifunction 3.5-inch high-definition display with white feedback provides information such as the autonomy that indicates how many kilometers remain to be traveled with a certain amount of fuel, the outside temperature and the digital odometer. For a more efficient handling, it has an instantaneous fuel gauge and door opening.

As a novelty, this model has a Connect plus CS35 system that connects to the mobile device via wifi and bluetooth with the ability to project on the 7″ touch screen. It also has a function that allows monitoring in real time the operating conditions and alerts in security systems.

The new CS35 includes the Appel CarPlay that will allow you to travel connected with the outside world, receive information in real time, communicate by phone and keep up to date with the latest news.

Interact with Siri through the button installed in the control console of the Connect Plus systems


Maximum safety distinction, 5 stars in the C-NCAP test; ABS and EBD braking assistance and stability control assistance (ESP) and for hill start (HHC).

It has two front and two front side airbags, anti-theft immobilizer and ISOFIX child seat anchor system in rear seats.

Bodywork “HEEAB” self-supporting, rigid and torsion-resistant, made entirely of high strength steel. It has greater security and protection against possible collisions from different angles.